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looking to elope?

There is an ever-growing interest in leaving behind the planning and the tradition of a classical wedding and just doin' the dang thang! 

We are all for it, whether your dream destination is Vermont or FAR beyond, we would love to join you! 

what is an elopement?

an intimate and intentional way of getting married that honors your connection in a place that holds significance to you both as a couple.



making it official...

I am an ordained officiant!


Yes, you read that right!


Not only can I photograph your wedding, in most of the 50 states we can make it legal then and there when I sign your marriage license!


Where to start? 


An elopement is about what the two of YOU want.


Do you love to hike or ski?

Do you want to relax and take it slow?

It doesn't have to be out of your comfort zone to be magical...

but I'm down if you are. 


when & where?

that's the best part...


There are so many beautiful places. in Vermont... this country... the whole world! We have so many favorites but frequently travel to Nashville, TN, Iceland and Germany.


I am not afraid of the cold or a little snow! 

I have my snow pants, skies and cramp-ons, ready to go!

Bring on the heat! 

I bring 50+ SPF wherever I go, I'm a redhead (it's necessary!)

now what? 

Have a dream destination in mind or need a little help narrowing down your options? Near or far, we would love to hear about it! Send us a message! 

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