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LOVE Your Rain Plan: A Guide to Ensuring Rain Can't Dampen Your Day

Crafting the Perfect Vermont Wedding Rain Plan

Planning a Vermont wedding comes with the enchanting unpredictability of weather. To ensure your celebration remains magical, even in the face of rain, a well-thought-out rain plan is essential. Here's a comprehensive guide on what makes an awesome Vermont wedding rain plan:

bride and groom do their first look in the rain with an umbrella on a rainy fall day at Sugarbush at Mt. Ellen
Rainy First Look at Sugarbush

Choosing a Weather-Resilient Venue

Your first line of defense against rain is selecting a venue that offers both indoor and covered outdoor spaces. Ensure the venue has a flexible layout that seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings, allowing your event to flow smoothly, rain or shine.

 Mt. Top Inn & Resort in Chittenden, VT, photo by Gold Wing Photography, video by Wood and Ether

Find Vendors Who Can Adapt

As a Photographer born and raised in Vermont, I am down for WHATEVER. Snow, rain, heat, hail, bring it on. It does not scare me! The reality of Vermont is that we get all the conditions you could imagine and I am always prepared, multiple pairs of shoes, rain boots, snow boots, wind breakers, umbrellas. I am ready to go. The weather is out of our control, let's embrace it and create beautiful and intimate moments that are true to how your wedding day unfolds. It's important the vendors who are going to be by your side all day are flexible and confident regardless of the environment or unexpected weather.

5 white wedding tents and the sunset in Waitsfield, VT. Planning by Emma B. Photo by Gold Wing Photography

Stylish and Practical Shelter Options

Embrace the rain creatively by providing stylish shelter options. Elegant tents, adorned with fairy lights or drapery, can transform a rainy day into a charming and intimate atmosphere. Work with your venue to choose tents that complement your wedding theme while providing practical protection.

Comfortable Guest Experience

Prioritize the comfort of your guests with thoughtful considerations. Provide cozy seating arrangements, such as lounge areas with plush cushions, under the shelter. Ensure that pathways remain dry and well-lit. Umbrellas can be both functional and stylish, serving as thoughtful accessories for your guests.

Adaptable Decor Elements

Create decor that adapts to the weather. Opt for sturdy, weather-resistant materials that can withstand rain. Consider elevated floral arrangements, avoiding waterlogged ground. Discuss with your florist and decorator on how to make your chosen decor elements rain-friendly without compromising on aesthetics.

Seamless Ceremony and Reception Transitions

Plan for smooth transitions between the ceremony and reception areas. If your original ceremony spot becomes a rain plan, ensure it maintains the intimate charm you envisioned. Work with your wedding coordinator to create a timeline that accommodates weather-related changes without disrupting the flow of the day. If you are celebrating on a sprawling property, consider speaking with your venue about shuttle options to keep you and your guests warm and dry.

Communication with Vendors and Guests

Keep everyone informed and reassured. Maintain open communication with vendors about the rain plan and ensure they are well-prepared for any adjustments. Keep your guests in the loop by providing clear instructions on rain-related logistics. A well-informed and confident approach can turn potential rain-induced stress into a seamless experience. If it looks like rain, you will have to make a "rain call" at some point (often late morning). Make sure that your vendors are comfortable in the rain. Some equipment, especially videographers, photographers, DJs and musicians have delicate gear that may not be water resistant.

Rain or Shine, EMBRACE IT!

Embrace the unpredictability of Vermont weather with a well-crafted rain plan. BESIDES! Rain is a whole vibe, mood, ENERGY and it's beautiful! By choosing a resilient venue, incorporating stylish shelter options, prioritizing guest comfort, adapting decor elements, and planning seamless transitions, you can ensure that rain becomes a charming element rather than a disruption on your special day. With careful preparation, your Vermont wedding will shine bright, rain or shine. Lean in, it will be worth it. I promise.

Looking for someone to document your dream wedding, rain or shine?

Send me an email! I have been a Vermont Wedding and Elopement Photographer for almost a decade in Vermont and the surrounding areas. Reach out via my "contact" via my photography page: Gold Wing Photography or reach out on Instagram.

Lillian Seibert, founder & owner of Gold Wing Photography

xo, Lillian Seibert



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